Water Blow Nusa Dua

Bali is a traveler’s paradise, with natural landmarks, mountains, old architecture, and breathtaking beaches. Water Blow, a tourist attraction, will be discussed. The Nusa Dua tourist attraction is unique in that we can see waves breaking against the rock and making a beautiful sound as well as splashes of water onto the rock. The wind-blown coral is both refreshing and calming. It is recommended to visit this tourist attraction while on vacation on the island of Bali to try something new.

Things To Know Before Visit Waterblow Bali Nusa Dua

The waterblow location is in Nusa Dua, precisely in south Bali and behind the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (a five-star hotel complex located in Nusa Dua), more precisely behind the Grand Hyatt Bali hotel. If you are from Kuta it only takes 20-30 minutes to reach this location, rely on google map so you don’t get lost and on every road to this place there are already road signs, so you won’t be confused in finding the location of the Water Blow natural phenomenon. this is very thrilling, here don’t get too close to the cliff because it is very dangerous, stay in the prepared place

The facilities at the location of this water blow tourism object are classified as very complete, where a place is provided to see the waterblow view from afar, and the BTDC has equipped this place with a gazebo for those of you who want to take shelter while seeing the uniqueness of this wave tour, there is a magnificent restaurant here with a variety of seafood dishes that you might be able to visit while enjoying the beautiful waves of this waterblow. Even though it’s called water blow beach, but here there is no beach sand, but only rocks that are here, the rocks that are constantly being eroded by waves make the shape of the rocks very irregular and maybe this shape is very natural to use as a photo object for those of you who want to capture the moment in this Water Blow

The Water Blow tourism object since it was just introduced has become a prima donna in the hearts of tourists who want to see this wave tour, in addition to wave tourism you can see the vast and magnificent expanse of the Indian Ocean, while sitting in the gazebo and admiring this phenomenal work of nature will make you happy. you feel calm and comfortable, feel like you want to linger here, although it is very exciting but also very risky, don’t go near the cliff where the waves hit, because there have been several cases where tourists are dragged by the waves in this water blow because they don’t heed the prohibition not to approaching the cliff, so be careful and always obey the rules here.

As for water blow, it is a tourist attraction which may be a little dangerous, therefore the managers of this tour make it very comfortable to visit by installing a guardrail along this rock, so it is hoped that tourists who visit do not get out of the boundary area, the guardrail is made of concrete so it is very to go through. In our opinion, security is very guaranteed as long as you know all the rules here, namely never go outside the barrier that is here. With this level of security, visitors feel comfortable and calm and are not afraid of being hit by the waves, because the guardrail is located some distance from the rock cliffs that were hit by the sea waves.
in the waterblow area in front there is a gate made of limestone with the name Water Blow inscribed and next to the gate there is a memorial stone made so that tourists are aware of the rules and warnings when visiting this water blow tourist attraction, as for the memorial stone that reads like this

  • No Swimming.
  • Dangerous Waves.
  • High Waves.
  • Steep cliff.
  • Slippery Rock.
  • Sharp Coral.
  • Strong current.

so it is expected that tourists who visit this water blow tourism object to comply with all the rules, because this tourist attraction is quite extreme and to prevent things that we do not want together, please obey the rules here

The best time to visit water blow is during the day where you can see the waves hitting the rocks very clearly, but during the day it might feel a bit hot for you but compared to the results the photos produced are very appropriate, very Instagram once the photos are produced by this water blow tourist attraction. The background with a very wide and blue expanse of sea will add value to the results of your photography, this place is also very suitable for those of you who want to see the sunrise from a waterblow, and the resulting photos are fantastically beautiful

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