Dream Land Beach

Dreamland Beach is Bali’s most magnificent beach, second only to Kuta Beach in terms of beauty. This beach is located in the Pecatu district of southern Bali. The beach is well-known for its beauty and is located near Uluwatu in Bali. The beauty and cleanliness of the beach add to its attractiveness to both local and foreign visitors. The beach is a popular tourist attraction for international visitors who wish to enjoy the lovely view of the beach, which has white sand and huge waves that are ideal for surfing. Many tourists come here looking for a challenge in surfing activities, with strong waves that will give them a pleasure.

Things To Know Before Visit Dream Land Beach

Dreamland Beach was in the village of Pecatu, Badung regency, located on the southern island of Bali. You can reach this beach about 30 minutes from Kuta Beach at Jimbaran. The beach is still beautiful and natural is located at the southern tip of South Badung. You’ll find this beach on the way to the famous temple of Uluwatu Temple. If you drive from Kuta it will take about 30 – 45 minutes to reach this location with a note that the roads are not congested, the location of Dreamland is very easy to find because at each intersection there are road signs that show the direction to this Dream Landa beach. And if you don’t want to bother driving yourself, you can use our transportation services at a relatively cheap price and the service is very satisfying and accompanied by a friendly driver will make the trip to Dreamland beach very enjoyable.

Dreamland beach is always never deserted by tourists who want to enjoy the expanse of white sand which is very beautiful and the water is very clear and the waves are good for surfing. It turns out that it has a unique history so it is called Dreamland Beach, as for the history of Dreamland’s name, it turns out that after we read several sources, we found that there are two versions of the history of Dreamland’s name, which until now are very well known.

  1. First Version: Where there used to be a housing complex near the beach called the Dreamland housing complex, and because it didn’t run so smoothly, the housing project was abandoned and residents around the beach who were generally farmers turned out to be hopeful. much on the project. They hope that when the project is completed, they can pursue a new business in the tourism sector. So this is what makes the land around the coast given the nickname Dreamland or the land of dreams. In accordance with the dreams of the surrounding community for a new business in the tourism sector from the ongoing project. And now their dream has been achieved where this Dreamland Beach is never deserted every day by tourists, especially foreign tourists who want to surf and beach activities become very crowded, many local residents open a tent rental business on the beach, open a small shop near the beach that sells food and Drink. As the name implies Dreamland Beach and can also be interpreted as a dream beach for surfers where this beach is always crowded with surfers who want to conquer dreamland waves.
  2. Second Version: Where this beach was formerly called Cemongkak beach where local residents here mostly used to look for cocky or shellfish on the beach for handicrafts to be sold to tourists as souvenirs. And some pearl shells are also often here and ginukan as a necklace decoration that will be sold to foreign tourists. Once upon a time, tourists who really liked surfing activities and saw the beauty of the waves surrounded by cliffs with a very natural atmosphere with white sand added to the charm of this Dreamland Beach, and the tourist was reminded of the beach in his country called Dreamland, so he called the beach This beach is called Dreamland. So that the tourists return to their countries and tell their friends and over time many tourists come here and visit this dreamland beach and because of its beauty, this dreamland beach is increasingly popular among tourists, especially among surfing lovers. So that until now the name of this beach is known as Dreamland beach.

Whatever the name, this beach will still be popular among tourists, because the cliff views are very beautiful, the stretch of white sand along the beach that adds to the beauty of this dreamland beach, the clear water and very ideal for swimming and the big waves that very suitable for surfing activities and with big waves can do various surfing styles. A very beautiful beach and worthy of being one of the beach tourism destinations that you should visit if you are traveling to the south Bali islands

There are many things you can do on this dreamland beach, for those who like sunbathing on the beach, you can rent one of the tents on the beach and sunbathing on the beach with white sand will give a very beautiful impression, swimming you can swim here with very clear water, it will make the atmosphere of swimming very pleasant, playing surfing here, with fairly large waves from other beaches makes this beach very attractive to surf-loving tourists, where in the morning and evening you will see a lot of tourists in the middle of the beach playing surfing, a very beautiful sight to see and here sometimes a surfing festival is also held on certain days. Relax on the beach, you can also relax on this beach and just see the view of the waves heading towards the beach, a moment that may be very meaningful for your holiday on the island of Bali

Dreamland Beach is a beautiful beach with white sand stretch 100 meters and leaned on a steep of white stone cliff overlooking to the amazing view of Indian Ocean. This beach is very attractive for tourist including the surfers offering the elegant, tranquility and spectacular sunset view that create the romantic nuance that make it as one of the place many visited by tourist every day. Dreamland Beach is located in strategic area of Pecatu Graha, the huge area of luxurious residences, hotels, villas, world-class golf course (New Kuta Golf), water fun game and more that finally make this beach is increasingly popular. The advantages of this beach are big and powerful wave that make it as one of the most demanded surfing points in Bali Island by the experience until professional surfers. You will be very easy to locate the public facilities at this surfing point like restaurant and accommodations. This beach is also suitable for family holidays where you can do relax at the beach while enjoying the warm tropical atmosphere.

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